June 17

How to Join Discord


Discord is our number one communication channel. This is where we announce the most important updates and new events, plan our travels, keep in touch and organize meet-ups during our live events, help each other with business advice, and discuss just about every topic under the sun.

Through Discord, you’ll get immediate access to a supportive network of nomads and can connect before you travel.

Join Our Server

In case you don't have a Discord account yet, sign-up first before you click on this invitation link and follow the instructions in the welcome channel to get approved.

First Steps on Discord

If you're not yet familiar with Discord, check out our tips-and-tricks channel and learn how to adjust your settings and use Discord efficiently.

Then give your profile a personal touch and add a profile picture and your first name as a username so that other members know who they are talking to.

Finally introduce yourself and meet fellow community members before you browse through the available topics.


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